“My tax problem is…

…The IRS has levied my bank account or wages!”

Tax Pro Exposes:
Step-By-Step playbook to get rid of levies, get your money back, and get the IRS out of your life, once and for all!

“The cat’s out of the bag!”

For too long, the IRS has used the levy as its #1 fearmongering tactic to shock the taxpaying public into compliance!

And if you woke up to find that your bank account had been totally drained, or were called into your H.R. department, handed an exemption sheet, and told “sorry, but we’re legally required to send your money to the IRS”…you know that it works!

I bet it’s not just the money.  It’s what not having the money does to your life.  Are you going to have trouble paying rent?  How about buying food for your family?

If your levy is going to cause your life to collapse, and you need your money back NOW, you need to STOP what you are doing right now, and download our eBook, A.S.A.P. Levy Release.

Do you know the 1 secret of IRS levies?

Would it surprise you to know that the IRS’ goal is NOT to completely derail your life?

It’s true!  In fact, the IRS uses levies primarily as a tool to get your attention.  In fact, they had to send you weeks worth of notices prior to taking your wages or bank account money!

Why does this matter to YOU?

Because their goal is ultimately to work with you to resolve your tax problem in a way that is fair to you, and fair to them…NOT to put you out of house and home or on the street!


You HAVE to know how to play the game…to play the game by THEIR rules, on THEIR timetable, giving them what THEY want.

Download our eBook A.S.A.P. Levy as a primer on playing by their rules!

In this book, you will learn:

  • WHY the IRS levies…and how to use this reason to your advantage!
  • HOW the IRS found you to begin with.
  • What to do if the levy is an error (this is infrequent, but it DOES happen).
  • How to Tactfully Handle an Interaction the IRS to get them to listen to YOUR situation!
  • The 1 Guaranteed Way to Have a Levy Released (Do You Qualify?)
  • The “Proactive Approach” to having a levy released (if you don’t qualify for the guaranteed method above)
  • Whether or not you should hire a professional or go it alone (the answer might surprise you!)
  • What you need to do RIGHT NOW to begin getting your levy released

To be 100% clear: I cannot guarantee your levy is going to be released (it’s up to the IRS)!  And this book is NOT a substitute for the advice of a qualified, licensed professional (in fact, in most circumstances, I do advise you work with a pro!).  My goal for you with this ebook is simple: to QUICKLY learn about your situation so that you can make an informed decision about what to do next!

Sound good?

Download our eBook here!