“My tax issue is…

I Didn’t File or Pay, But Have Gotten No IRS Contact!”

If you can’t afford to pay the IRS and you have not received any notices from them, it may surprise you to know that RIGHT NOW is the absolute BEST time to solve your tax issue!

Read on to see why.

Where You Are Now:

You didn’t pay.  You didn’t file.  And even though you know you owe, or you know that you are supposed to file, the IRS hasn’t quite gotten around to confronting you about it yet.

This is the place where most people make their biggest tax mistake!

What’s that mistake?  They believe that not having been approached yet is the same thing as having no problem at all!

As you’ll see in the next section, the IRS may not have approached you yet…but they always will eventually!

And even if they don’t approach you for a month, a year, or maybe even 2 years, your failure to comply with the tax law is just drumming up interest and penalties.  Usually, failing to file tacks another 1/2 percent to your tax bill per month!  If you failed to FILE, well, that tacks 5% onto your tax bill per month, up to 25%!!!  And that’s on top of interest.

As you can see, there’s a twofold advantage to taking care of your tax problem NOW: 1.) you’re not dealing with the IRS breathing down your neck YET, and 2.) you can avoid the accumulation of interest and penalties.

In “What You Need to do NOW”, I’ll show you how to squish your IRS problem BEFORE they get into your life!

What the IRS is Doing Now:

The best analogy I can give of the IRS is that it’s like an assembly line.  With an assembly line, it’s an efficient, quick way to do the same thing, over and over again, to end with a final built product.  In that sense, the IRS is like an assembly line because it is literally built from the GROUND UP to ferret out noncompliant taxpayers.  Its “assembly line” of thousands of employees and computers that run 24/7 whose sole job it is to find people who are NOT complying with their tax obligations!

The IRS is not like your forgetful friend who always keeps forgetting to call you back.  Rather, it’s a well-oiled machine that, quite frankly, has simply not gotten around to you yet.

What You Need To Do NOW!

I mentioned that, out of all the places you could be in, not having gotten a notice from the IRS yet is the best one to be in!

At this point, you can be extremely proactive with your tax problem.  You can approach them and say “here is my issue, and here’s what I’d like to do to fix it” without having the added pressure of levies, liens, nasty phone calls, and more.

Solutions can take the form of an installment agreement, partial pay installment agreement, being declared currently not collectible, an offer in compromise, penalty abatement…and occasionally more specific actions such as innocent spouse relief and audit reconsideration.  If you read through our website, you will find a treasure trove of information about each one of these areas.

Again: the IRS not badgering you does NOT mean that your tax problem doesn’t exist!  It doesn’t mean they won’t find you eventually.

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NB this piece should be written in a casual, conversational manner.  The ending objective of these pieces is ALWAYS to push people towards action.