“My tax problem is…

I received a levy / lien threat!”

“How To WIPE OUT Your Levy BEFORE It Starts… and get the IRS out of your life,

I want you to understand something very clearly:

If the IRS has issued a threat to levy your bank account or wages in the last 30 days, and has not done so yet…this is the exact BEST time for you to work out your tax issue, and get your life back from the IRS!


You can stop an IRS levy in its tracks…IF you act NOW!

What exactly is a levy?

If you’re at the point where the IRS is threatening you with one, that means you owe taxes, and they’ve sent you a few notices already (have you opened them?), and you didn’t respond.  The IRS is always going to come out of the chute trying to be nice…”hey there, please pay this amount that you owe”.

But if you don’t return respond to their “invitation” with money, or with a proposal to settle your tax debt, they slowly begin to assume one thing:

That you’re being a flake!

Now, it doesn’t matter that your actual reason for not responding is something like job loss, a medical condition of yours or your family, a failure in business, an unexpected audit overturning a tax position you thought was reasonable…

…to them, no response = you’re trying to ignore us!

Because being nice isn’t working, they stop trying.   Instead, they just “invite” themselves to TAKE your money…right out of your bank account!  And right out of your wages!

At this juncture, I am imploring you: Please do not make the mistake that so many others do!  

Don’t ignore this issue until they actually levy you.

Look, I know it’s unpleasant to deal with the IRS and with a tax issue.  And I know that with good people like yourself, a tax issue is actually a symptom of something else in life that’s going on!  Something like a job loss, medical condition, failure of a business…  You’re not trying to cheat them.  You’d pay if you could.  And sometimes, it seems easier to just IGNORE the problem and deal with it later.

But I need you to put that discomfort aside for the time being, for once very specific reason:

The IRS provides special rights to you IF you have been threatened with a levy, BUT it has been less than 30 days since the threat was made!

But wait until after 30 days, and the IRS WILL levy you…and it will be infinitely more difficult to stop them!

If you ignore my advice here and hire our firm to take care your levy AFTER they start taking your money, we WILL make more money from your case.  Why?  Because getting a levy released after it’s already been filed requires more time, and negotiating from a far weaker position!  You have fewer legal protections.  Yes, you do have rights to debate and appeal, and the potential to present a compelling argument for why the levy should not stand…

…but I would rather have a 100%, guaranteed way to stop a levy in the short term, so that I could 1.) save you professional fees, and 2.) use that time to work on a long-term solution to your tax problem…one that gets the IRS out of your life, once and for all!

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Our eBook A.S.A.P. Levy Prevention is your primer on stopping the IRS levy process dead in its tracks! If you were issued a notice of intent to levy in the last 30 days, this book will teach you how to:

  • Get the IRS to STOP in its tracks, 100% guaranteed!
  • Form arguments for why a levy SHOULD NOT be re-imposed
  • Begin formulating a long-term solution to your tax problem
  • Determine if you need a tax pro to help you cut through the IRS red tape and get the best resolution for you.
  • Avoid common pitfalls that get the IRS to see your levy-stopping as a “stall tactic” (they go after you HARD if they think you’re just wasting their time!).

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