Of all the options available to you, why should you choose Champion Tax Relief?

If you’re reading these words right now, it’s probably because you have a tax problem…

..and you’re ready to do what it takes to get the IRS out of your life, once and for all!

We’re not going to insult your intelligence.  We know you know you have options!  Be it a local CPA, some other company that specialized in solving tax problems, your cousin Vinny…

So out of all of your choices, including doing nothing, why should you consider working with Champion Tax Relief by applying for a free consultation?

The Champion Pledge

Ever worked with a company that make vague promises like “satisfaction guaranteed!” or “top-notch service”, only to leave having a bad experience?

Messing around with people when they’re facing one of their most trying, most heartbreaking life problems is not how we operate.  So instead of making vague promises, we make 5 specific promises to our customers. We’re different from all other tax resolution companies, all other CPAs / attorneys / EAs for 5 specific, measurable reasons that we use to get the IRS out of our clients’ lives, once and for all:

Pledge #1 – We only work with people we can help.

Our clients come to us because they need help solving one of the biggest problems in their lives! But for a variety of reasons, not everyone who comes to us is someone we can help. Because we care about 100% of the people who approach us, we have a moral, ethical duty to politely prohibit those whom we cannot help from hiring us. This is why we require an application for our free consultation, and will not commit to allowing a client to hire us until after the consultation proves the client is a good fit for us.

We’re not here to get business at any cost. We only work with people we are 100% certain will benefit from our services.

Pledge #2 – 110% Guarantee.

When a client is a good match for us and we allow them to hire us to solve their tax issue, we give their case 110% to permanently and decisively get the IRS out of their life! No excuses, no fluff: just results. We track our 110% guarantee through excellence in communication, accountability and results.

Pledge #3 – A small team for big tax results.

Do you want your tax case handled by an anonymous groups of hard to get ahold of people who are also managing 100 other cases? At Champion, each client gets access to a personalized team who maintain a small caseload, and a Team Lead who is your unwavering point of accountability throughout the entire process. We think the unparalleled personal attention and service of a small team makes it easier to get the IRS out of your life, once and for all!


About Champion Tax Relief, Inc.

I founded Champion Tax Relief with the mission to help struggling taxpayers get the IRS out of their lives, once and for all!

The IRS has a tremendous amount of power over people.  And it’s not that the people at the IRS are bad folks…it’s just that the average taxpayer (you and I) have the odds stacked against us when we’re in their crosshairs!

I’ve seen IRS problems ruin too many lives, and dish out pain and agony to hardworking people who lost their jobs…whose businesses failed…who had a medical condition.

And I’m determined to help shift that balance, one good, honest taxpayer at a time.

About R.C. Thornton, E.A., President and Founder of Champion Tax Relief, Inc.

Born the son of a CPA, taxes have been an interest of mine since I was 7 years old.  My second grade self had many a conversation with my dad about taxes (even though I had no idea what he was talking about!).

So it was no surprise that I went to college at Arizona State University to study accounting.  I received a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, and a Masters in Taxation from there.  As I gained experience in accounting and taxation, I quickly came to a realization: the number crunching “bean counter” side of accounting most people think of was not for me!

But then I discovered an entirely new side of tax accounting: helping hardworking, honest taxpayers solve their collections problems with the IRS.  And from that realization is how Champion Tax Relief was born.